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Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Concrete Pipe Making Machines are the rust-proof machines of durability and strength. These are accessible with advanced service life and boosted functionality. In addition, they boast of advanced manufacturing capacity. Pipes made by them are used for roadway culverts, tunnels, storm drainage, bridges, and underground detention systems.

Concrete Batch Plant
Our company is supplying Concrete Batch Plants that are used to make cement pipes in different lengths and diameters. These are vertically designed with high-tech vibrating motor, drying element, and much more.

Block Making Machine

The offered Block Making Machines are integrated with different high-tech elements that meticulously and effortlessly produce blocks in different thicknesses, widths, and lengths. These machines are vertically designed to consume less space for installation.

Concrete Mixer
The provided Concrete Mixers have a strong structure that is resistant against water, chemicals, dirt, and other elements. These systems are easy to use without spending a fortune of operation, labor, and energy costs.
Twin Shaft Mixer
Using a twin shaft mixer, customers can mix small batches in the same manner, with the same results. Every mixing cycle is guaranteed to have uniform results and consistency.

Pipe Testing Equipments
Install this motor driven pipe testing equipment to make sure that pipes produced in-house are tested before the packaging and shipment. There are several parameters based on which pipes are inspected. 

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